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Tired of losing sales due to Credit-Challenged customers?

We can help you RECOVER them!

We are part of a nationwide network of 150+ “zero-advanced pay” credit repair agencies that follow FTC, CROA, FCRA, TSR and local laws to help consumers with credit challenges.
Notice: Your information and your customers’ information will be kept private. Such private information is never shared with another party outside of our direct partner management without proper consent.

Watch How The CNS Works For You

Recover your expenses!

We are helping businesses in various industries recover lost sales, increase conversions and improve customer satisfaction through our exclusive credit repair network, legal partner network, and debt relief solution partners.

Major Industries We Support:

Not A Referral Program

We’re not the typical referral partners who you’ll just exchange leads and commissions with. We’re not taking commissions and we’re not paying any either.

We want you to become an Advocate for your customers and help them achieve their original goal with you.

Think of this more like a lead nurturing system on steroids. Instead of losing that $5,000 or $500,000+ sale, we could help improve the client’s credit score/history and send them back to you more qualified!

The entire process is automated and as their Advocate, you are notified every step of the way! The leads are still exclusively yours. Not shared or sent to anyone else.  

More Customers

Instead of losing customers who can't qualify for financing, we can get them qualified and sent back.

Decrease Costs

What if you could lower your ad spend and still get more customers coming back?

More Automation

Instead of doing so much manual work to follow-up, we could build an automation system for you.

We Are NOT Just Credit Repair Experts

We help businesses recover lost sales when their customers don’t qualify for financing. We know if your lead is declined because of their credit, you will likely lose that sale.

You paid for the advertising, the marketing and the incentives to acquire each lead, whether or not they end up qualifying for financing. Which means, every customer we save for you boosts your bottom-line profits.

Partner with us and automate the process of turning those customers you would normally lose, into happy customers. We’ll help them rebuild their credit, send them back to you, and you close the deal!

Notice: This is an actual result example but this is not a guarantee all customers will experience the same score increase.

We Built Our Own Certified CRO Network

It has not been a simple journey building our network of Credit Repair Organizations (CRO). Each CRO Partner in  our network is actually a client of our Credit Repair Agency Launch Program (CRAL) where we build their business from the ground up. So every Credit Repair Agency follows our strict compliance guidelines and procedures to ensure the highest possible success rate for everyone involved.

Some of our CRO Partners

WELL OVER 100 Credit Repair Agency Partners!

We currently have over 100 Credit Repair Agency Partners in our network, but our goal is to exceed 200 in 2023. That’s more partners that will help grow your existing business services and products.

What you get from us:

  • More qualified customers ready to buy from you after we work on their credit report and improve scores and history.
  • Regular updates on your customer’s credit repair journey so you know when to reach back out & close that sale.
  • Peace of mind, knowing that your customers are being served by the most compliant and effective credit repair service available anywhere.

What your customers get:

  • Six months or more of industry leading, best practices, highest compliance, credit repair services available today with zero-advanced pay for credit repair services.
  • Personalized customer support providing regular updates on their progress.
  • Pre-litigation support from our exclusive credit repair attorney network.
  • Documented contracts with full legal disclosures including cancellation policies and compliance requirements.

our network gives you a Competitive Advantage

As one of our Advocates, you're able to generate more sales and happier customers!

Our Lead Nurturing Process​

Boomerang Effect

Leads you send us are nurtured and returned to you more qualified for the financing they need.

Smarter not Harder

Create more sales without any extra work on your part. We take care of them for you.

Automation Always Wins

We do the nurturing. You do the closing. Customers do the smiling. Win-win-win.

Platform Demo Sneak Peek (In Beta)

Organization Dashboard View p1

Organization Dashboard View p1

Organization Dashboard View p2

Organization Dashboard View p2

Organization Dashboard View p3

Organization Dashboard View p3

Ongoing Leads

Ongoing Leads

Leads Returned

Leads Returned

Brand Listing

Brand Listing

Agent Listing

Agent Listing

Industries We Service

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In a nutshell, if your success depends on whether your customer has good credit, then you need us. Simple.

So whether you’re selling a franchise, a house, a car, a boat, offering loans/credit or selling jewellery, electronics, vacations, coaching programs, high-ticket products/services or anything else that needs a good credit score, we help you sell more of it with less effort.

Reconxn Road Map


Book a call with our consultants to discover what your needs and existing assets are that need automating.


Onboarding and preparation of your digital asset integration takes place to ensure automation and systems will work.


Integration of your digital assets with our partners directly and/or via the Reconxn network to complete the automation process.


Once you're connected to our partners in the network, your leads will be nurtured and returned to you at the appropriate time.

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After your form submission, you’ll be able to book an appointment with one of our consultants to help set-up your automation system. We will get back to you within two business days and if you qualify as an Advocate, we will get you set up to start helping your clients immediately!



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DISCLAIMER: Not every lead sent to us qualifies for a credit repair service. Our responsibility is helping customers correct and update any inaccurate data in their credit report. We will not participate in any illegal, false or fraudulent practices to improve a customer's score. We cannot guarantee that their scores or history will improve every time. Not all customers that complete our credit repair program will be 100% qualified for your financing terms.

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NOTICE: Reconxn is a lead gen management provider that handles all of our automated connections related to lead dispersal and assignment. By completing the application, you agree to share your details and allow Reconxn agents to reach out to you regarding this lead/client nurturing system.

Leverage Services is a Doral, FL based credit repair agency, providing credit restoration, credit building, credit monitoring and business credit services.

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