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We are a small company and we like to keep it that way! We all know what being treated like a number feels like... specially when you are looking to finance that new home or car soon.

Leverage Services does not only provide you a fixed long term solution but an exceptional customer service. They take your own personal needs into consideration and set a strategy in place to fix your credit.

Jessica Orozco

January 15, 2021

Alexander Naranjo CEO of Leverage Services

About Us

I care about your situation! Together we will fight until your credit is right!

The truth about repairing your credit is that it is not as simple as sending template letters to creditors and credit bureaus. There are many laws nationwide and statewide depending on where you are located to regulate credit reporting. We stand with you to make sure that your credit report is reporting accurate and complete. At least 1 out of 3 Americans have inaccuracies on their credit report!

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Our patient Most Valuable Words

Expert Experience on Account Removals/Late Payments/Inquiries

We at leverage services have had a lot of experience removing various accounts from a large list of lenders and know exactly how lenders tend to react to disputes and what litigation we need to use to successfully get accounts removed.

Our experts customize a plan to correctly remove negative items from your credit report. Our experts are experienced in building strong cases and writing customized letters that are proven to work at a very high success rate. 

Overlooked Bureaus

Often overlooked is some of the smaller information bureaus which report a lot of the same information the three bigger bureaus report. Lenders often cross reference information with Lexis Nexus, Sage stream, ChexSystems, Corelogic, so on…​

Many people don’t realize how important smaller information bureaus are when it comes to credit reporting. The entire purpose of credit is to get great approval ratings for whatever you plan on financing. Creditors are getting smarter and smarter specially as the credit repair industry has expanded. They often cross reference information with smaller information bureaus to identify if you have gone through some type of credit repair. Our goal is to remove any ‘skeletons’ in the closet that may be lingering about you to the creditors eyes.


Avoid mediocre credit repair companies who send generic letters that do not build a strong case since day one. This increases the chances drastically of losing a case and having to hold the burden of not only owing the remaining debt but suffering a negative credit score for years to come.

This is the mistake that most clients who come to Leverage Services initially made. They went to a bad credit repair company first because they were looking for the cheapest help and ended up waiting months or years and did not see results, but ended up paying thousands of dollars, and still carrying the bad credit score and getting pursued by the banks. 

Mutual Expectations

We make sure you are taken care of before we get compensated. We charge based on results so if we don’t get an item removed you don’t need to pay for it. We also educate you all long the way and even beyond after your credit is fully repaired you have 1 year access to our emails and advisers on your credit needs and advice.​

When you first get started we set you up with realistic expectations and every resource available to build your credit back up and help you understand all of the tricks and tips to keep your credit strong for the future. We also will give you access to our discord chat where there is a lot of knowledge and information that will help you reach your goals.You will have access to questions and information via our chatroom for 1 year starting the initial dispute day.

Frequently asked questions

Truth is… It Depends… Our results typically happen between 2 weeks and 3 months. Most clients have the most massive results within the first 4-5 weeks but sometimes can take up to 4-5 months. Although it is rare clients take more than 3 months it is possible as some cases require more back and forth of information verification and validation letters.

Most often answer is NO! Once our team fights accounts and successfully gets them removed on your behalf it should remain settled forever! In some instances such as Navient Student loans, the loans may come off your credit report but you will still be liable for it until it is fully settled with Navient itself as it is a federally backed loan.

YES! It is 100% legal! We could not stress this enough as it is not illegal to demand creditors for the legal documentation that they are supposed to hold in order to hold you 100% accountable for that debt.

Surprisingly we get this question often, Lets start with the fact that it is highly illegal to intentionally obtain credit for the purpose of never paying it back. If you overextended yourself unintentionally this is a completely different story and debt can be negotiated or deleted depending on how accurate the lenders documentation of the account is. 

We will draft a credit plan for you to start building your credit profile over time. There are many different ways to rebuild your credit no matter how low your score is. You will be sent a guide and a list of suggested trade lines that will help you get to your goals as soon as possible. 


Alex Naranjo

Alexander Naranjo, an experienced Credit Repair Specialist is known for helping, educating, and supporting clients as they develop strategic credit building plans for their future. Together with his team they have helped hundreds of families get back on track with their credit by removing inaccurate items off of their reports.  Alex has recruited some of the industry top credit specialists with over 16 years of experience. 


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8180 NW 36th St #306, Miami, FL 33166   (786)808-1085


© 2020 Leverage Services LLC. All Rights Reserved. By using this website and/or software, you are agreeing to our terms of use and privacy policy.

8180 NW 36th St #306, Miami, FL 33166   (786)808-1085