We represent new beginnings and new hope
for those in need of a better tomorrow.

We all have our lows and our highs. So whether your journey to a perfect credit score is just starting out or you’re in need of resuscitation, we’re here to help. We’ll get you a fresh start and set you up for a stronger and brighter future in credit.

We Help Consumers

Based on customer feedback, we provide them with a guide on how to improve their credit score and connect them to resources they need

Connect With Merchants

We help merchants increase leads, sales, revenue, and conversions even when they've had little to no success trying everything else.

Credit Repair Agencies

We invite and engage only with proven and successful credit repair agencies that can truly help our consumers improve their credit scores.

100+ Families Benefited

Hundreds of families have their credit back on track.

Develop strategic Plans

Developing strategic credit building plans for clients future.

About Us

"I care about your situation! Together we will fight until your credit is right!"

The truth about repairing your credit is that it is not as simple as sending template letters to creditors and credit bureaus. There are many laws nationwide and statewide depending on where you are located to regulate credit reporting. We stand with you to make sure that your credit report is reporting accurate and complete. At least 1 out of 3 Americans have inaccuracies on their credit report!

Alexander Naranjo
CEO of Leverage Services

Credit Repair Tips

Client Nurturing System

Tired of losing sales due to Credit-Challenged customers? We can help you RECOVER them! We are part of a nationwide network of 150+ “zero-advanced pay”

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