Alex Naranjo

Hi, I’m Leverage Services founder and CEO Alex Naranjo!

In 2019, I created Leverage Services in order to help people get out of debt and understand the value of good credit. My journey started while I was in the Marines acquiring credit cards left and right to get bonus points and go on free vacations. 

Once I saw what was possible with having good credit and acquiring over $10,000 in value worth of credit card points I wanted my entire family to do the same. I hired one of the most popular credit repair companies in the nation to repair my mothers credit report. Over a year later and $1,300 dollars after, this company got 13 inquiries off of her credit report.  When I disputed my own inquiries I got them off in two weeks. Thats when I realized this company was committing a huge disservice to people trying to get ahead financially in life with false hopes.

There WERE’NT any other credit repair companies I trusted anymore to repair my mothers credit. After further research I had heard of more and more horror stories by multiple people hiring these corporate type credit repair companies. This is when I decided I would learn to do credit repair myself to help my mother get ahead financially. I ended up saving her over $30,000 dollars in collections and charge-off accounts and got an entire negative mortgage off of her credit report.

This is when I emerged myself in learning even more to help even more family and friends. I then became obsessed with the topic because I saw how grateful everyone I helped was. 

I then decided to launch Leverage Services once I left the Marine Corps. I knew my new mission was to help people financially get ahead in life. I had also been used to reading about law and identifying violations as my job in the Marine Corps was Military Police. This was something that became natural to me and I learned the ins and outs of violation’s creditors are consistently used to getting away with because they expect the common public to not know.

My mission continues and I will continue to help as many people as possible have the most thorough and fast credit repair process that I can provide as well as educate and teach how the common person can take advantage of this great financial tool called “credit”. 


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